Seizing 4 trucks carrying illegal goods in Tay Ninh

Information from the authorities in Tay Ninh Vietnam said that on May 29, 2021, the Tay Ninh Provincial Police Department issued a decision to seize 4 trucks and inventory 57 tons of goods without receipts. from illegal transportation from Cambodia to Vietnam, the goods on the truck are said to be illegal.

In the early morning of May 28, 2021, the functional forces discovered that at the junction of Dau Tieng lake bed, there were 6 trucks in traffic with suspicious signs with many goods on the vehicle. The functional force asked to stop the car to check, then the driver sped away. Police seized 4/6 cars then, 2 cars turned and ran back to the starting direction, exiting the scene.

Police have temporarily seized 4 trucks, 4 drivers and 57 tons of goods including: old clothes, fabrics, rolls, sports shoes, slippers, ceramics, auto parts… all without receipts. legal documents.

Working with the investigating agency, 4 drivers confessed that they were hired to carry the above goods. The driver claimed to transport about 30 shipments, with a salary of 30 million VND.

Detective service in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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