Filming a hidden camera in a hotel to extort money

According to information from the authorities, on June 1, 2021, a young man named Diep was issued a decision on criminal detention by the police of Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh City for the act of appropriating property. Phu Nhuan district police received information from hotel staff on Phan Xich Long street, suspecting that Diep had hidden cameras.

At the scene, the authorities checked the bag, the police found 40 photos of couples on the bed, with the words “people in the picture hello”; and tools and equipment are small cameras; bandageā€¦

This person declared to the police that he intended to blackmail couples with sensitive images, so he bought a small camcorder, watched online via phone, then rented a hotel room to shoot. slip.

Diep said that in the past time, he had filmed many pictures, in which he had transferred to a young man asking for 26 million dong, but had not received the money, he was arrested.

The investigative agency called on Diep’s victims to report and commit to keeping information confidential. The case continues to be investigated.

Investigation service in Ho Chi Minh city

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