Railway staff transporting rare animals

Information from the authorities said that the railway traffic control patrol team No. 1, the Instruction Department and the organization to ensure railway traffic order and safety have made a record of handing over the object. District N and the exhibits are 17 rare turtles, to the Hanoi Dong Da District Police for handling.

At around 8pm on June 2, 2021, the Task Force 1, in collaboration with the Hanoi Railway Station Police Station, discovered a man walking in the station, carrying a sack, with a cardboard box inside, showing suspicious signs. question. The police checked and discovered that there were many turtles inside the box, so they brought the man to the headquarters of the Hanoi Station Police Station for investigation and clarification.

The force found 17 turtles inside the sack, suspected to be golden-fronted box turtles, one of the rare turtle species, listed as critically endangered animals in the Red List of the United Nations. Nature Conservation.

Dau QN, a railway employee of the Phuong Nam Railway Flight Attendant Union, confessed that he received the above turtles from a person named Linh from Da Nang Station to Hanoi Station and continued to send them by car to Mong Cai. to get wages.

Dong Da District Police Hanoi Vietnam continues to investigate, clarify and handle – detective in Ho Chi Minh City https://vndetective.com

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