Pretend to be a customer to buy gold, then rob

According to information from the authorities, the young man entered the Ngoc Hoa jeweler, who asked the shop owner to buy 2 rings weighing 2.5 24K gold, after holding this gold, he put it in his pocket then run away from the scene.

Private detective in HCM – After the incident, check the security camera image at the Ngoc Hoa Gold Shop (Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) and the surrounding area, the district police office Binh Chanh extracted and searched the person who had committed the property robbery.

The incident happened at noon on 12/10/2020, and observed that the gold shop had no customers, only a 49-year-old woman at the stall. The man entered the store and asked the woman to show some men’s fashion rings. He held two 24K rings weighing 2.5 taels, worth the amount of more than 120 million VND, then suddenly ran out, got in the car and ran with the gold above.

The case is being investigated by the authorities, this is a trick that the subjects often apply in recent times – city detective service in HCM city.

Young men are prosecuted for rape in Vietnam

Authorities in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam said that a serious case occurred in the area, accordingly, on September 16, 2020, the agency decided to prosecute the case and prosecute. The accused against the subject Hoang Van Duong, who was born in 1998, lives in Ha Lam ward, Ha Long province, Vietnam to conduct an investigation on the crime of “having sex with a person from full 13 to under 16 years old” that this person is said to have performed earlier.

Private detective services company in Ho Chi Minh City – The incident stemmed from the Facebook network, young Hoang Van Duong befriended PMQ’s grandchild, this niece is not yet 16 years old, on August 15, 2020 , Duong sent a message to ask Q. to go out, then go buy meth then drive a truck to pick up Q., then these two went to an area near a karaoke bar in Hong Ha ward, Ha Long, Vietnam. .

In this case, subject Duong invited Q. to use meth on the cabin of a truck, then the two moved to Deo Sen area in Ha Khanh ward, Ha Long city, these two continued customary drug use. After that, Duong rented a hotel room and committed sexual intercourse with Mr. Q.

After the incident happened, Q. When I got home, a conflict arose, so I wrote a piece of paper to leave to my family, it said that Duong forced drug use, raped, Q left the paper. in the bedroom and then leave. Q. ‘s family discovered the above paper, right after that they organized a search for Mr. Q. and took it to the police station to report the incident.

Private detective service company in Ho Chi Minh City.

Young men receive a 15-year prison sentence in Hanoi

According to information from the authorities, the sentence, which was pronounced on September 10, 2020 by the People’s Court of Ha Tinh, sentenced Son, residing in An Dung commune, Duc Tho district, Hanoi with a 13-year prison sentence for a crime. Murder, 2 years imprisonment for disrupting public order, pursuant to articles 123, 318 of the 2015 Penal Code in Vietnam.

Private detective – Son manages a pawnshop in Hong Linh town, Ha Tinh, around January 2019, the defendant has a conflict in settling the mortgage of a 7-seat Innova with a pawnshop in An Dung commune. Duc Tho district, owned by Pham Hong Nguyen, 44 years old. Conflict with this person is the cause of a serious local case.

To resolve the conflict, on the evening of January 21, 2019, Son and 8 juniors drove a car, bringing weapons to Nguyen’s company to resolve the conflict. Here, the two sides happened loudly, mobilizing dozens of people to use guns, tubes, knives, swords, chasing each other, fighting for more than an hour, causing riots in the locality. One of the Son group was seriously injured, 80% of health damaged, two cars were damaged. Sơn fled the locality and was wanted by the Ha Tinh police.

The troublemaker group in turn received sentences for disruptive behavior – private detective service.

Male student was prosecuted because of a traffic accident

According to information from the authorities, a male student named Pham Quang Linh, 22 years old, was prosecuted for driving a Lexus driver killed a policewoman in a ward, crashing 3 cars on Tam Bac pedestrian street, Hai Phong , Vietnam.

The authorities said that the police of Hong Bang district prosecuted the criminal case, prosecuted the accused with Linh for violating the regulations on road traffic, causing serious consequences, according to Article 260, clause 2, Criminal Code. According to the incident details, this senior male college student will face a penalty frame of 3 to 10 years.

On the evening of August 18, Linh and Do Duc Huy (22 years old) invited each other to a bar on Tran Nguyen Han Street, at about 0:00 on August 19, 2020, in the state of using alcohol, beer, Linh drove a Lexus car. Huy went home in the direction of Tam Bac pedestrian street.

Due to running fast, Linh crashed her car into Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao, 30 years old, a police officer in Minh Khai ward, Hong Bang district, Hai Phong, Vietnam, who just came out of a beverage bar, causing death to the victim.

The incident was clarified by the police investigation – detective in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

Getting the suspect murdered the woman in Dong Nai

According to the authorities, a 63-year-old man named Nguyen Van Hau, who was arrested while hiding in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, after one day, murdered his lover in the motel for the dish. owed 600 million dong, the debt is said to have been owed by lover before.

Accordingly, reporting to the authorities, on the afternoon of August 28, 2020, the man named Hau admitted the act of killing a 58-year-old lover, from Lam Dong, Hau said that because she refused to pay the money borrowed, Vietnamese private detective.

When the incident happened, Hau and the victim rented a guest room in Dau Giay town, Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province, Vietnam at noon on August 27, 2020. He told the receptionist to go out to buy food, and then not come back in the afternoon.

The lodge staff checked in the room then found the woman died with many wounds. Upon receiving the news, Dong Nai police identified Hau as a suspect, arrested him in Chau Duc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, and proceeded to clarify the case.

Detective services company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam –

Harming his wife’s health in Thai Binh Vietnam

The man named Doan Ngoc Huy, 38 years old, residing in Kien Xuong district, Thai Binh province police, Vietnam, during an argument poured gasoline on his wife, lighting a fire causing severe burns, this is extremely behavior. thug, he defies the health of others.

Private detective in Vietnam – The incident happened at 20:00 on August 23, 2020, while having dinner at home in An Chi village, Binh Nguyen commune, Huy and his wife loudly raised their voices due to disagreements in the family. . Not stopping there, Huy suddenly took a can of gasoline available in the house to water his wife and set it on fire.

The incident happened, the victim rushed out of the house to call for help and was supported by the people to extinguish the fire and suffered severe burns. Huy works as a freelance worker and his wife works as a worker in Thai Binh city.

The incident is further investigated by the police agency – Vietnam detective service 2020.

Death penalty of people who bring drugs to Vietnam

According to information from the Ho Chi Minh City court, this agency has sentenced Kalaivani G Muniandy to death, a woman born in 1980, Malaysian nationality on charges of illegally transporting narcotics into Vietnam. South of October 28, 2018, at the border gate of Tan Son Nhat international airport, the competent force checked the defendant’s luggage entered from Dubai into Vietnam.

The inspection team at the airport discovered that the inside of 4 metal food containers contained a white paste that was suspected to be drugs, which was identified as cocaine with a volume of more than 3.3 kg. The defendant claimed to travel from Sao Paulo to Dubai and then back to Ho Chi Minh City. The above drug, the female passenger brought to Ho Chi Minh City to deliver to another person at a hotel, but when she arrived at Tan Son Nhat airport, she was discovered and arrested by the customs.

Ho Chi Minh City detective – Declared to the authorities, in 2017, this person worked as a security guard at an airport warehouse in Malaysia. An acquaintance with a man of Indian descent gave the defendant’s phone number Prakash, which specializes in sending people to export labor and drug transport to the defendant to get acquainted. The two sides contacted via phone software WhatsApp, prakash asked the defendant to transport the rental gold, but the defendant did not agree.

The defendant agrees to be the liaison with the person’s partners in other countries and transport the goods, each trip is paid 6,000 Ringgit (33.2 million VND) without travel expenses …

The verdict was given to this woman – a private detective service company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

Temporarily detaining fraudulent bank staff in Quang Binh

According to information from the police department of Quang Binh Vietnam, the police investigation agency in Quang Binh has just issued a criminal detention decision for the object Duong Minh Phu born in 1988, residing in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, to conduct an investigation into fraud or appropriation of property previously committed by this person.

Duong Minh Phu is a bank employee of Bo Trach Transaction Office, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam branch of Quang Binh province. This person was accused by many people to cheat tens of billions of dong and then fled the locality – private detective.

After receiving the denunciation of many victims in the area of ​​Bo Trach district, Quang Binh, Vietnam – the Police Department investigating the crime of corruption, economics, and smuggling, Quang Binh Provincial Police urgently investigated and verified. Initially, the police agency made clear that Duong Minh Phu deceived many people, appropriating about 15 billion VND.

Phu Khai took advantage of the people’s confidence in the procedures to help people borrow money from the bank, Phu tricked many people into signing false documents such as payment orders, cash withdrawal papers and some documents with other related. After that, Phu raised the amount of money, then transferred to the customer the loan amount, the rest Phu appropriated, each person from 1 billion to 2.6 billion…

The police are continuing to investigate to clarify the behavior of this person – the website of the detective company in Vietnam:

Investigate the case of a gold shop stolen 350 trees in Hanoi

According to the report of the owner of the gold store in Hanoi, a serious incident occurred when a fraudster broke into the store and took away 350 gold trees of all kinds and 140 million VND in cash. The case is serious, should be investigated and clarified in Hanoi, Vietnam.

According to information from the police agency of Son Tay town, Hanoi, Vietnam, this agency is investigating and verifying the case of Tuan Dat gold shop owner at Phung Khac Khoan Street, Quang Trung Ward, Son Tay Town. reported theft, taking away a large number of property in the rainy night – detective service in Vietnam.

The owner of the gold shop said that at about 3 am on August 18, 2020, the crook broke two lock layers on the third floor of the house, disconnected the security system on the first floor, then took away 350 gold trees of the same type. 140 million dong in cash, the total loss of gold was about 13 billion dong.

Detective in Vietnam – Currently the police agency is verifying and clarifying the case, the serious case causing great losses to the owner of the gold store.

Female staff steals Korean watches

Information from the authorities, on August 10, 2020, a woman named Toan Thi Thuy Linh, a native of Dak Lak, was fined 5 years in prison by the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City for the theft of property, which this person committed. previous theft.

The incident happened on the evening of October 25, 2019, two Korean men went to the restaurant on Le Thi Hong Gam Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, to sing karaoke, drink alcohol. After that, 2 Koreans invited Linh to the apartment on Nguyen Huu Tho street, district 7, and continued to drink.

The hostess goes to the bedroom with the host, the next morning, Linh has a computer desk drawer at the head of the bed, takes a wallet with 1,600 USD, 70 million VND with a Rolex watch, then goes home.

Two Korean men looked for Linh by themselves, they found her standing in front of a coffee shop on Su Van Hanh Street, District 10, so they reported to the police. The incident was later clarified by the police.

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