Detected when applying for temporary residence

According to information from the authorities in Quang Nam Vietnam – The woman’s name is Nguyen Thi Sinh, 37 years old, this person is a former deputy secretary of the Youth Union of Dai Cuong commune, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam. This person said that she thought that no one would find out, so she went to register for a temporary residence in a new place.

Sinh was re-arrested and detained for four months for fraud. During his time as Deputy Secretary of Dai Cuong Commune Union, Sinh was accused of taking advantage of his job to borrow more than 500 million VND from many people in the locality.

Around the end of 2019, unable to pay, Sinh quit his job and fled the locality.

In July 2020, Sinh was prosecuted and wanted by the authorities. In early June 2021, the suspect went to the police station of ward 9, Da Lat city, Vietnam to register for temporary residence and was discovered.

Authorities are continuing to investigate this person’s behavior –

Chief representative of Can Tho Port Authority was arrested

Information from the authorities in Vietnam – the man named Pham Ho Hai holds the position of chief representative of the Can Tho Maritime Administration in Duyen Hai town, arrested for alleged acts of production and trading. counterfeiting.

The competent authority issued a decision to prosecute and detain Mr. Hai, 52 years old, a decision signed by the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Ministry of Defense on June 3, 2021. This move was made in the process of expanding the investigation of a fake gasoline production line handled by this agency.

Searching the defendant’s workplace in Duyen Hai town, private house in Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city, the authorities seized many documents… to serve the investigation.

Mr. Hai’s behavior has not been announced, authorities continue to investigate and clarify – private detective:

Railway staff transporting rare animals

Information from the authorities said that the railway traffic control patrol team No. 1, the Instruction Department and the organization to ensure railway traffic order and safety have made a record of handing over the object. District N and the exhibits are 17 rare turtles, to the Hanoi Dong Da District Police for handling.

At around 8pm on June 2, 2021, the Task Force 1, in collaboration with the Hanoi Railway Station Police Station, discovered a man walking in the station, carrying a sack, with a cardboard box inside, showing suspicious signs. question. The police checked and discovered that there were many turtles inside the box, so they brought the man to the headquarters of the Hanoi Station Police Station for investigation and clarification.

The force found 17 turtles inside the sack, suspected to be golden-fronted box turtles, one of the rare turtle species, listed as critically endangered animals in the Red List of the United Nations. Nature Conservation.

Dau QN, a railway employee of the Phuong Nam Railway Flight Attendant Union, confessed that he received the above turtles from a person named Linh from Da Nang Station to Hanoi Station and continued to send them by car to Mong Cai. to get wages.

Dong Da District Police Hanoi Vietnam continues to investigate, clarify and handle – detective in Ho Chi Minh City

Filming a hidden camera in a hotel to extort money

According to information from the authorities, on June 1, 2021, a young man named Diep was issued a decision on criminal detention by the police of Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh City for the act of appropriating property. Phu Nhuan district police received information from hotel staff on Phan Xich Long street, suspecting that Diep had hidden cameras.

At the scene, the authorities checked the bag, the police found 40 photos of couples on the bed, with the words “people in the picture hello”; and tools and equipment are small cameras; bandage…

This person declared to the police that he intended to blackmail couples with sensitive images, so he bought a small camcorder, watched online via phone, then rented a hotel room to shoot. slip.

Diep said that in the past time, he had filmed many pictures, in which he had transferred to a young man asking for 26 million dong, but had not received the money, he was arrested.

The investigative agency called on Diep’s victims to report and commit to keeping information confidential. The case continues to be investigated.

Investigation service in Ho Chi Minh city

Seizing 4 trucks carrying illegal goods in Tay Ninh

Information from the authorities in Tay Ninh Vietnam said that on May 29, 2021, the Tay Ninh Provincial Police Department issued a decision to seize 4 trucks and inventory 57 tons of goods without receipts. from illegal transportation from Cambodia to Vietnam, the goods on the truck are said to be illegal.

In the early morning of May 28, 2021, the functional forces discovered that at the junction of Dau Tieng lake bed, there were 6 trucks in traffic with suspicious signs with many goods on the vehicle. The functional force asked to stop the car to check, then the driver sped away. Police seized 4/6 cars then, 2 cars turned and ran back to the starting direction, exiting the scene.

Police have temporarily seized 4 trucks, 4 drivers and 57 tons of goods including: old clothes, fabrics, rolls, sports shoes, slippers, ceramics, auto parts… all without receipts. legal documents.

Working with the investigating agency, 4 drivers confessed that they were hired to carry the above goods. The driver claimed to transport about 30 shipments, with a salary of 30 million VND.

Detective service in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

A Chinese person illegally entered Thanh Hoa

According to the police of Thanh Hoa province in Vietnam, this agency has just discovered the Chinese national Ou Yang Fei is staying at the Long Anh hotel at address 5, Cao Thang, Dien Bien ward, Thanh Hoa city. This person illegally entered Vietnam.

Ou Yang Fei could not present identification documents and documents proving legal entry to Vietnam. Ou Yang Fei confessed at the authorities, a broker on social networks, helped Fei illegally enter Vietnam from the beginning of May 2021, through the border area in Lao Cai province.

Fei moved into Ho Chi Minh City, on May 25, Ou Yang Fei moved and stayed at Long Anh Hotel, Thanh Hoa City, when the authorities checked and discovered illegal entry. He was taken to quarantine according to regulations, the matter is being further investigated and clarified.

Detective Vietnam website

Thieves riding bicycles in Binh Duong Vietnam

Investigative information from the authorities in Binh Duong said that on May 26, 2021, the Thuan An City Police, Binh Duong province, issued a decision to temporarily hold Ly Binh Luan, Le Thi Minh Thuy and Ly Binh Lan for further investigation. investigation of the act of “theft of property”.

The police received a report from an enterprise located in Thuan An City, Binh Duong Vietnam, about the fact that they were broken into and took away many properties. Through investigation, the police immediately arrested the group of thieves above.

Accordingly, Luan and his accomplices confessed to having committed about 10 cases of property theft. Luan’s group often cycled around residential areas, discovering that any house with loopholes would break in to steal property. Once, this band of thieves got a savings book worth a billion dong.

Searching the residence of the subjects, the police obtained 2 passbooks, many rings, bracelets made of gold and diamonds… the authorities continued to investigate and clarify.

Article editor, private investigation service company in Vietnam

Chinese man steals property from his friend in HCMC

Information from the authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, on November 14, 2019, a man named Cheng entered Vietnam to find a job, he was brought home by an acquaintance named Cai. Detective in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam, during the time at Cai’s home, Cheng knew that Mr Cai ZeHu left the safe on the nightstand, the key was hidden under the mattress, so he had an intention to steal his property.

On the evening of November 16, 2019, Mr. Cai ZeHu drove a car carrying Cheng and a friend to dinner in the center of Saigon. At the restaurant, he gave Cheng his car, house and passport keys to keep. Late at night, he rented two hotel rooms near the West Quarter for himself and his compatriots to stay overnight.

The next morning, Cheng took a taxi to Mr. Cai Zehu’s house, took the key to open the safe, and stole 660 million VND and 1,000 yuan. He then took a taxi to the rented apartment at SaiGon Homes.

Vietnam Private Detective – Cai Zehu’s maid discovered signs of theft, so she called the boss. When Cai asked, Cheng admitted “I took your money and car”.

Cheng then returned to the hotel parking lot and drove Mr. Cai ZeHu’s car to hide it at the apartment building. He brought the stolen money and converted it into yuan and transferred it to accounts in his name to repay the debt, keeping 30 million dong for spending. Cheng was arrested at the apartment two months later.

Detective service in Ho Chi Minh city 2021.

The female deputy defrauded more than 12 billion VND

Information from the investigating agency said that – on May 21, 2021, Phuong was prosecuted and detained by the Bac Giang Provincial Police Department of Vietnam for investigation on the crime of fraud to appropriate property.

Phuong used to be Deputy Head of Business Planning Department of Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development – Agribank, branch in Son Dong district, Bac Giang province, Vietnam.

Implementing a fraud scheme, from around 2013, Phuong took advantage of the name of a bank officer to borrow money from many people with interest rates from 1,500 to 2,500 VND per million per day. Phuong also used the excuse of helping customers to repay the loans of the former and then lend them to the latter with higher interest rates for the latter.

Ho Chi Minh detectives – In 2013, Phuong had a debt of 5 billion because two customers could not pay, the loan was often used by Phuong to pay off debt and for personal consumption.

Detective service in Ho Chi Minh city 2021.

Arresting a man who scammed a billion VND in HCMC

Information from the authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – on May 19, 2021, a man named Thanh was sentenced to 8 years in prison by the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City for fraud to appropriate property, the case of this person appropriating money. 1 billion VND before, the victim was Nguyen Duc Du.

In June 2019, Du discussed with Huynh Nam Truong Tin to rent vacant land to open a cockfighting betting area. Du rented the land in Ba Diem commune, Hoc Mon district for 200,000 VND per game and gave Tin 150 million VND to use as capital to open a cockfighting place.

Ho Chi Minh City police stormed to catch the casino, Du fled to Kien Giang, Ben Tre. On September 14, 2019, Du returned to Saigon to stay at a friend’s house. After that, Du met Thanh because he was not criminally prosecuted. Thanh accepted and asked to give a billion dong so as not to be prosecuted.

Du asked his wife to bring money to Thanh to take care of the case. On the afternoon of August 19, Du was at a friend’s house when the police arrested him. Two days later, Du filed a complaint against Thanh.

Thanh declared that he gave 900 million VND to Nguyen Thi Mai Anh (living in Hanoi) at a hotel in District 1 for this person to solve the case, he kept 100 million VND for spending.

Detective in Ho Chi Minh – Thanh admits the whole crime.