Prosecute fake people working in the police department

Information from the authorities of An Giang Vietnam said that on April 12, 2021, a man named Thai was prosecuted by the police of Long Xuyen City, but gave bail, for the level and position of work. On December 28, 2020, Thai went to the Police Department of An Giang Province, introduced a professional officer of the Department of Homeland Security (Ministry of Public Security), and requested to verify the origin of a car carrying a local number plate. this way.

As soon as it was discovered that the referral was fake, the Traffic Police Department assigned Thai to the Long Xuyen city police to clarify the motive and handle the behavior of this man.

The investigation agency also found that Thai’s body and luggage had a Party member card, the People’s Public Security ID card, 4 citizen identification cards and many other papers named Ly Quang Thai that were all fake, the case. conducted investigation to clarify.

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Young people cheating on ID cards in Bac Giang

Information from the authorities, a young man named Sang, allegedly on March 22, 2021, used a personal social network to publish articles, with content to be accepted as a citizen’s ID card with a beautiful number chip with a price 40-50 million dong. Sang said: “Identify the last four numbers the same (four quarters) with the price of 50 million dong, the same last 3 numbers and the forward number 1234, 5678, 6789 for 40.000.000 VND”.

The Ho Chi Minh City detective – Sang found that the issue of citizen identification cards is being interested by many people, so copy the above content to post to attract more interaction for online sales.

Sang admitted that he could not do a beautiful number sequence identity, this person has paid a fine and removed the content posted incorrectly.

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The hospital director is suspected of murder in Tien Giang

Information from Tien Giang said that a man named Nguyen Van Nguu, who is currently the Director of Cai Lay Regional General Hospital, was arrested along with three people accused of murdering women.

Ho Chi Minh detective service – Nguu, 57 years old; Le Quoc Dat, Huynh Duc Trong, Nguyen Ngoc Hau were arrested by the police of Tien Giang province to investigate murder. Shortly thereafter, searching the whereabouts and working of the suspects, the police seized 50 million VND and a grenade.

At around 23:00 on March 11, Mrs. Vo Thi Muoi, 43 years old, drove a motorcycle carrying the man on Highway 1, heading from Trung Luong to My Thuan. Ms. Muoi was pressed to the side of the car by two young men. One of them pulled a knife and stabbed the woman in the stomach, causing the victim to fall into the street, and Mrs. Muoi died later.

Nguu hired 3 people to kill Ms. Muoi because of an emotional conflict.

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Arrest young drug users in Karaoke bars

Information from Hai Phong City Police Department, Vietnam, on behalf of the city police, Colonel Le Nguyen Truong, Deputy Director of Hai Phong City Police, commended officers and soldiers of the Crime Prevention Police Department for drug because he has made many excellent feats of destroying drug use gangs in Karaoke bars.

Ho Chi Minh detective – At 17:30 on March 31, 2021, in Phuong Chu Dong village, Truong Thanh commune, An Lao district, Hai Phong city, the drug-related crime police department coordinated with the authorities inspection function of Huong Cang Karaoke, discovered at 2 singing rooms with 22 people (11 men and 11 women) showing signs of organizing illegal use of drugs, collecting many related exhibits on the spot.

At the scene, the drug-related crime police detained two subjects, Hoang Duc Phuong, born in 1983 and Nguyen Van Hoang, born in 1993, in the same village of Phuong Chu Tay, Truong Thanh commune. An Lao district, Hai Phong, Vietnam.

The drug-related crime prevention police department ordered an urgent arrest for Bui Giang Quyen (1989) and Nguyen Tuan Quang (1987), also in Truong Thanh commune, An Lao district to further investigate. .

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Prosecute the woman who tortured her child in Hai Duong

Information from the authorities in Hai Duong Vietnam said that on April 5, 2021, the People’s Procuracy in Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province, Vietnam has approved the decision to prosecute Thuy on a Willful offense. Injury, the behavior this person has caused earlier.

The police of Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province patrolled the area when they discovered that Thuy’s 6-year-old daughter was crying in a boarding room in Quy Duong village, Tan Truong commune, and her eyes were purple with many injuries. to hit.

Detective services in Ho Chi Minh city – Determining the baby has a nose main fracture, soft tissue injury; peeling skin on the eyes, left cheek, left chin, forearms.

Thuy declared after 10/2 when he picked up a 6-year-old child from the mother’s house in Dinh Son commune to live with, she repeatedly beat and tortured the baby. On February 18, 2021, she urged the child to go to the toilet but did not tell her, she punched and swollen the child’s eyes. On February 20 and March 4, a mother hit her child’s back and ribs with a bamboo cane. Thuy often locked her child in the bathroom, did not let her go to bed, but forced her to lie on the floor of the house.

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The Women’s Branch Head in Ha Tinh was arrested

Ly, a 66-year-old woman, residing in Son Loc commune, was arrested by the police of Can Loc district, Ha Tinh Vietnam, and was arrested by the authorities on the charge of fraudulent appropriation of property, according to Article 174. Penal Code in Vietnam

Detective services in Ho Chi Minh City – According to the investigation, Ms. Ly is the Head of Women’s Union in Tu Cuong village, Son Loc commune, Can Loc district, Ha Tinh, Vietnam. This woman due to loss of virtual money investment, life insurance and functional food, insolvency;

In the period from October 2018 to October 2020, Ms. Ly posed problems with many relatives and friends, lied to them to want to borrow money for real estate investment, run jobs for her children … destination to pay debt, detective in Ho Chi Minh city

15 people in Son Loc commune lent Mrs. Ly with the amount of nearly one billion dong. This person brings money to repay the bank’s debt, unable to repay principal.

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4 kg of drug was detained in Ho Chi Minh city

Information from the authorities in Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam said that the customs force has discovered nearly 4 kg of Ketamin, the transaction price among criminals up to more than 4 billion VND is preparing to be exported to Taiwan.

Detective services in Ho Chi Minh city – This drug lot is hidden in boxes, cat food packages, sealed and sealed with nylon to look 100% new. This parcel is from a man in Binh Thuan province, sent to a company in Taiwan. This camouflage behavior is very sophisticated and difficult to detect.

Ketamine is a synthetic drug, with the medical name Ketalar, considered a high-class drug with very expensive prices, and listed in the list of poisonous drugs in Group A. It is a banned substance in Vietnam.

Customs Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City also arrested 5 illegal imports of cannabis from the US and Canada to Vietnam, and seized nearly 9 kg of cannabis of all kinds. Customs is coordinating with the police to expand the investigation of cases – detective in Ho Chi Minh city.

A young man steals a motorbike in Dong Nai Vietnam

Information from the authorities, on March 28, 2021, the police agency of Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province, Vietnam informed that it was conducting criminal detention for Nguyen Thai Binh born in 1990, living in the commune. Xuan Thien, Thong Nhat district to investigate and clarify the theft of property previously committed by this person.

Ho Chi Minh City Detective – Around 7:30 am on March 13, subject Binh went to the one-door office of the People’s Committee of Thong Nhat District (Dong Nai Province) to get citizenship identification. While waiting for the number to register, Binh went to the garage area inside the district committee to drink coffee.

He discovered a motorcycle bearing Mr. N.V.T.’s BKS 60B6-002.85. I live in Dau Giay town, Thong Nhat district as the owner, built inside, still have the keys in the car lock, so there was an intention to steal this motorcycle.

Binh approached and quickly unlocked the car and then ran towards Highway 20 to escape. He ran to a friend’s house to sell it for 1.5 million.

Investigation agency actively clarifies the case, detective in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

Throwing gas bombs from my ex-husband’s house in Tien Giang

According to information from the investigation agency in Tien Giang Vietnam – on March 25, Diem was prosecuted by the police of My Tho city for the act of Destroying property, after two months of escaping from the scene. This person has violated the law before.

Private detective in Vietnam – According to the investigation of the authorities, in early January, Diem took a hammer to his ex-husband’s house in My Tho City, smashed windows, threw a glass bottle full of gasoline inside, lit a fire. The people in the area discovered to chant, put out the fire, prevent this woman’s violations.

Diem is a suspect, being subjected to a preventive measure against leaving the residence, this person flees the locality. Diem was arrested when he returned to his mother’s house in Phu Thanh commune, Tan Phu Dong district, and the police agency continued to investigate and clarify this serious case.

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Serious shooting at people’s homes in Thanh Hoa Vietnam

According to information from the authorities, on March 23, 2021, the police of Thanh Hoa city issued a decision to prosecute the accused, detain a 23-year-old German and a 30-year-old Manh to investigate the behavior. disturbing public order that these two had caused earlier.

Detective service in Ho Chi Minh City – The incident occurred due to a conflict on his birthday, around 16:00 on March 14, 2021, Duc invited Kim Huu Manh and two juniors to bring two homemade Colt guns to take revenge. previous contradictions. On Tran Phu Street, Thanh Hoa, Vietnam, a group of thugs then changed clothes, covered the motorcycle license plate with black decals, and drove to Nguyen, 39, at 66 Nguyen Quynh, Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam to commit the crime.

They fired five times into the house, the bullet pierced the thick glass, but did not hit anyone. People and homeowners chanted, chased, gang ran away, but still opened fire to prevent arrest.

Police agencies arrested the subject and investigated this incident – Ho CHi Minh detective