Arrested 4 drug addicts who fled the hospital

According to information from Bu Gia Map District Police, four drug addiction patients who climbed the fence of Nhan Ai Hospital to escape were arrested.

These people were then handed over to the hospital for continued management and treatment according to regulations.

At around 6:00 p.m. on February 19, 2024, four patients including N.H.T. Living in Ho Chi Minh City, P.M.Q. Living in Quang Binh, T.V.T.P. residing in Ho Chi Minh City and N.T.S. Residents of Ho Chi Minh City took advantage of Nhan Ai Hospital’s loophole and escaped.

Bu Gia Map district police and the hospital organized a search and search for those who escaped.

The authorities blocked, controlled, and promptly arrested the escaped patients.

The district police discovered and arrested T.V.T.P. while hiding in Cay Da village, Phu Van commune, Bu Gia Map district.

After that, the district police discovered and chased and arrested the remaining 3 patients in Cay Da village, Phu Van commune.

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Arrested the GD for appropriating assets

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Binh Dinh Police coordinated with the Traffic Police Department of Quang Ngai Police to arrest wanted person Nguyen Duc Tuan, 50 years old, from Yen Thanh district, Nghe An, Vietnam.

Hanoi detective agency – Tuan is General Director of Thang Long Land Real Estate Investment Company.

This person was issued a wanted notice by the Police Investigation Agency of Binh Dinh Province for the crime of fraudulent appropriation of property.

The Economic Police Department of Binh Dinh Provincial Police is transferring Tuan to Binh Dinh for investigation and handling according to the provisions of law in Vietnam.

The Police Investigation Agency requested Mr. Tuan, residing in Nhan Chinh ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, to verify the complaint accusing him of abusing his trust to appropriate property.

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Hoi An: Rob money and send it to the bank

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Le Van Ban, 28 years old, snatched a woman’s handbag, which contained 140 million VND.

Vietnam detective, He took this money to a bank to deposit it.

Ban was temporarily detained by Dien Ban Town Police to investigate property robbery, February 19, 2024.

Le Van Ban rode his motorbike to many places looking for people to steal property.

Le Van Ban discovered a woman riding a motorbike and stole her bag.

The robber brought money to a bank in Hoi An city and deposited 135 million VND, keeping 5 million for personal use.

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Officials bring people’s red books to pledge

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Huynh Van Quyet, when he was Chairman of the Farmers’ Association, lied and pawned people’s red books.

Quyet was arrested by Quang Ngai Provincial Police and transferred from Ho Chi Minh City to the locality to investigate property appropriation fraud.

Quyet used to be a district commissioner and Chairman of the Farmers’ Association of Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai.

This person used the name of an official and lied to many people about having the ability to change land use purposes to appropriate money.

Quyet also received red books from people, promising to change the purpose of use.

After that, he mortgaged it to borrow money for personal use.

Quyet appropriated more than one billion VND from many people and fled to Ho Chi Minh City before being arrested by Quang Ngai Police.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified, Ho Chi Minh City detective

Arresting young people for robbery and rape

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Bac Quang district police have just successfully arrested the subject Duong Van Thai, to investigate the act of Rape and robbery on January 30, 2024.

On the evening of January 30, Ms. T. hosted a wedding program in Thuong Binh commune, Bac Quang district, Ha Giang, Vietnam.

After finishing work, Ms. T. rode her motorbike home when Duong Van Thai asked for a ride.

Arriving at Thac village, Bang Hanh commune, Thai stopped the car and demanded to have sex with Ms. T.

Ho Chi Minh detective agency – T. did not agree, then Thai used force to commit rape.

Thai appropriated the Vision brand motorbike, more than 1 million VND in cash and the victim’s phone and fled.

After 46 hours of arrest, Bac Quang district police arrested Duong Van Thai while he was hiding in Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province.

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Arrested director for illegally using explosives

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The police have decided to prosecute the defendant and temporarily detain Ma The Dung, Director of The Dung private enterprise.

This person was prosecuted for illegally using explosives.

During the investigation, the police discovered that private enterprise The Dung had signs of illegally using industrial explosives at the Tham Riem gold mine.

As a result of the initial investigation, in 2020, The Dung private enterprise was granted a mineral exploitation license by the People’s Committee of Cao Bang province with a mining term of 10 years (2020-2030) in Tham Riem, Nam Quang commune, Bao Lam district.

During the operation, the police discovered that Dung had intentionally directed workers to illegally use industrial explosives in large quantities, exceeding the allowed quantity.

The case is being investigated by the police.

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Police arrested a truck carrying a ton of fireworks

Police arrested a truck in Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City, suspected of transporting illegal drugs.

This vehicle was carrying nearly a ton of illegal fireworks from the Cambodian border to Ho Chi Minh City.

The Criminal Police Department and Ho Chi Minh City police coordinated with Binh Chanh district police to stop the truck with Hanoi license plate, driven by Nguyen Van Tien, 28 years old.

Ho Chi Minh detective service, Authorities discovered nearly 600 boxes of firecrackers, weighing nearly a ton, in bags on the vehicle.

The case is part of the process of expanding the investigation of Nguyen Phuoc Canh, 24 years old, the suspected leader of a smuggled fireworks ring in Saigon.

Canh claimed Tien provided goods to sell during Tet.

The investigation agency determined that Tien transported smuggled fireworks via trucks from Cambodia, bordering Long An province, brought them to Ho Chi Minh City, and handed them over to Canh.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified by Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam private detective @2024.

Group of people fighting in front of District K

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Video clip records a scene of a group of people fighting in front of District K restaurant on Thu Khoa Huan Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

The fight happened around 1:30 a.m. on January 28, 2024.

Two groups of people gathered in front of District K restaurant, raised their voices and then rushed into a fight with each other.

Ho Chi Minh detective service – Some people held sticks and helmets and rushed to beat their opponents.

Many people wearing black shirts are believed to be restaurant employees.

The initial cause was due to an internal employee dispute at District K restaurant among customers in the restaurant.

The police arrived at the scene and the group dispersed.

Authorities noted that no one was injured, and no one reported the incident to the authorities.

The case is being clarified by a private detective in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The restaurant in Saigon has 40 prostitutes

Legal newsletter in Ho Chi Minh City (Sai Gon), Vietnamese detectives. Police busted a restaurant with 40 waitresses and prostitutes.

Nguyen That Cam, 43 years old, and his brother opened karaoke restaurant 98 in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

They recruited 40 young and beautiful waitresses to entertain guests and were willing to sell sex.

Cam and Nguyen That Thuyet, 45 years old, and two other people were arrested by Ho Chi Minh City Police for prostitution brokerage.

Reconnaissance of the Criminal Police Department in coordination with District 5 Police, Ho Chi Minh City entered Karaoke Restaurant 98 on Tran Binh Trong Street, District 5, for administrative inspection.

Another working group also inspected 2 nearby hotels and caught 4 couples buying and selling sex.

The girls claimed to be hostesses at karaoke restaurant 98. The management sent them here to sell sex for 5 million VND.

Police found a lot of evidence, showing that female employees were selling sex from karaoke bar 98.

The investigation agency determined that the two Cam brothers were the owners of karaoke bar 98, profiting from these illegal acts.

Police are expanding the investigation, Ho Chi Minh City private detective agency

The robber hid under the bed in Hanoi

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Hoang Cong Nghiep, 23 years old, hid under the bed waiting for the landlady to fall asleep and then strangled her.

Ha Noi detective agency – He then robbed 2 phones and more than 11 million VND.

Nghiep was arrested by Hoai Duc district police, Hanoi city, Vietnam, for robbery.

According to the investigation, on the afternoon of January 11, 2024, Nghiep broke into people’s houses in An Khanh commune, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi.

This person then crawled under the bed and waited for the homeowner to fall asleep so he could steal property. At 2:30 p.m., while the landlady was sleeping on the second floor, Nghiep sneaked up and strangled her to rob her.

The victim fainted due to being strangled. Nghiep took 2 cell phones and 11.6 million VND and fled the scene.

Before that, Nghiep robbed another woman in the same An Khanh commune, Vietnam detective.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified by private detectives in Hanoi, Vietnam.