Falling to death while catching a thief in HCMC

Information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – on May 17, 2022, two people named Diep and Tai, 39 years old, were arrested by Thu Duc City Police to investigate the act of Theft.

According to the investigation, Mr. Thang’s family forgot to close the first floor door when he went to sleep.

Diep and Tai, one of the people below watching for accomplices to climb the gate, climbed onto the first-floor balcony to steal property.

Discovering that someone broke into the house, she called her husband to wake up. Mr. Thang chased the thief to the balcony, unfortunately fell to the ground.

The investigative agency determined that the victim died from multiple injuries leading to death.

After a long time of investigation and tracing, recently scouts arrested the duo at a motel room in Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City.

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Attacking people because of traffic collisions

Information from the authorities in Thu Duc – There were about ten people with weapons chasing the two men.

When the victim fell, they slashed the motorbike, threw petrol bombs to attack these two people.

The incident happened on the evening of May 16, 2022, two young people riding motorbikes on Phuoc Thien street.

Detective Ho Chi Minh – Due to a collision with a pedestrian, two young people fell, abandoned the car and ran into a house to hide from a rival group.

The group of young men slashed their car and threw petrol bombs, which set the car on fire.

People on the street panicked and ran away, this group of young people was very aggressive.

Thu Duc City Police has summoned more than ten people involved to investigate.

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Arresting the driver who appropriated tourists’ phones

Information from the authorities in Hanoi – Male taxi driver Tran Quoc Hung, 34 years old, has been held in criminal custody.

This person was detained to clarify the act of taking two phones of Russian tourists.

Hung was detained by the Police of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi to clarify his act of public appropriation of property.

On the morning of May 5, 2022, Hung drove a taxi to pick up two Russian female tourists who were walking on Lan Ong Street

On the way, two female tourists asked the driver to charge two phones.

At the intersection of Hang Bong alley, two female tourists told the driver to wait to change money.

This person got greedy, drove away with 2 phones.

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The suspect broke the leg of the criminal police

Information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – On May 5, 2022, a man named Tan, 36 years old, was arrested by the Criminal Police Department under a wanted warrant.

Tan was riding a motorbike on the road when he was discovered by Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Truong and Captain Nguyen Viet Dung.

The police approached Tan, Tan rode a motorbike to press on top of Lieutenant Colonel Truong, then ran away. Mr. Truong broke his leg but still controlled and arrested Tan.

Tan exhorted a group of young people to rescue him, grabbed his handcuffs and ran away, dragging Truong.

Captain Dung opened fire to suppress the crowd.

Tan incited the crowd to steal guns and throw stones at the police.

The police force of Tan Thoi Nhi commune was then present to assist in solving the case.

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Investigate motorbike robbery in Ho Chi Minh city

Information from the police department of District 7 in Ho Chi Minh City is investigating the case of a girl who was attacked by robbers with a weapon and robbed her motorbike.

The victim is Ms. N., 28 years old, living in Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City. Ms. N. works as a program host.

Investigation information, on April 21, 2022, Ms. N. was driving a motorbike on D1 street (Tan Phong ward, district 7, Ho Chi Minh city) going home to Nha Be district.

At the slope of D1 bridge, Ms. N. stopped her car, a young man approached, took a knife and robbed a motorbike.

Police in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City investigated and examined the scene, recorded testimonies, and urgently searched.

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Young people appropriate customers’ red book

Tran Dang Khoa, a 31-year-old young man who is a pawnshop owner, is accused of taking many red books from sellers and mortgaging banks, appropriating more than 50 billion VND.

On April 21, Khoa was temporarily arrested by the Ca Mau Provincial Police for fraudulently appropriating property under Article 174 of the Penal Code.

Searching the suspect’s residence, the police seized many documents and evidences related to this serious fraud case.

Private detective in Ho Chi Minh City – According to investigation, Faculty of pawn shop business in Ward 6, Ca Mau City, Vietnam.

Khoa took many land use right certificates from customers, mortgaged them to others and mortgaged the bank to appropriate more than 50 billion VND to pay debts, spend…

During the investigation, the police caught Khoa when he was on the run.

He admitted the behavior, the case continues to be investigated and clarified, Ho Chi Minh City private detective service https://vndetective.com

Young male sex broker in Nghe An arrested

Information from Nghe An police agency, Vietnam – This agency is criminally holding young man Nguyen Ba Thanh to clarify his act of brokering prostitution.

According to the initial investigation, Nguyen Ba Thanh is an employee of a karaoke bar in Vinh City, Nghe An, Vietnam.

Thanh knows many people have a need to buy sex, so he connected with some female karaoke bar staff to serve customers in need.

Thanh introduced to the guests that these were female students who, due to circumstances, had to sell sex.

The price of sex work for female karaoke staff is from 4-6 million VND per turn.

If guests ask to stay overnight, the price is 12-15 million VND. The bar collects 40-50% of the selling price of sex.

At about 1 a.m. on April 16, 2022, the police of Nghi Loc and Nghi Truong districts and the police of Nghi Phong commune caught two couples buying and selling sex at a hotel.

Nghi Loc district police arrested Nguyen Ba Thanh after extensive investigation.

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Arrest the leader of the lottery line in Nghe An

Information from the authorities in Nghe An – The woman named Dao Thi Huong, 50 years old, and many people are accused of organizing a lottery line with an amount of about 90 billion VND.

On April 8, 2022, Huong resided in Dien Thanh commune, Dien Chau district, Nghe An province, Vietnam with 10 people being investigated for gambling behavior.

These people all have previous criminal records, related to gambling, especially Huong has 2 previous convictions.

The investigating agency alleges that the line is divided into 3 levels of agents, operating based on the results of the Northern Lottery every day.

As the leader, every day Ms. Huong receives messages and lottery tables from players.

When there are lottery results, they will calculate the winnings and losses for the agents and then transfer the transaction money to the bank account.

This line is said to have traded over 90 billion VND, an average of nearly one billion VND per day.

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Catch a thief specializing in state agencies

Information from the police agency of Ninh Binh city, Vietnam said. This agency has just arrested Nong Sy Vui for property theft.

The Department of Education and Training of Ninh Binh province was broken into and stolen 25 million VND and surveillance camera eyes.

Investigation and investigation, Ninh Binh City Police have clarified that Nong Sy Vui is the perpetrator of the theft.

Happy driving car BKS 23C-06045 to Ninh Binh city, Vietnam.

He broke into the provincial Department of Education and Training and took away the amount of VND 25 million.

The investigative agency said that Vui was the culprit responsible for two property thefts in Thanh Hoa and Ha Nam provinces in the previous days.

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Arresting drug transporters via air in Vinh

Information from the police agency of Vinh city, Nghe An, Vietnam.

Vinh police together with Cua Lo town police issued a decision to arrest Nguyen Minh Tuan, residing in Vinh City.

Exhibits include 1kg of ketamine, 500 ecstasy pills, a motorbike and a mobile phone.

This quantity of drugs is transported by air. These drugs were shipped from England.

Tuan many times drugs enter Vietnam by air, move to Nghe An province, Vietnam for consumption.

Tuan receives goods and divides them to sell to objects in need.

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