A Chinese person illegally entered Thanh Hoa

According to the police of Thanh Hoa province in Vietnam, this agency has just discovered the Chinese national Ou Yang Fei is staying at the Long Anh hotel at address 5, Cao Thang, Dien Bien ward, Thanh Hoa city. This person illegally entered Vietnam.

Ou Yang Fei could not present identification documents and documents proving legal entry to Vietnam. Ou Yang Fei confessed at the authorities, a broker on social networks, helped Fei illegally enter Vietnam from the beginning of May 2021, through the border area in Lao Cai province.

Fei moved into Ho Chi Minh City, on May 25, Ou Yang Fei moved and stayed at Long Anh Hotel, Thanh Hoa City, when the authorities checked and discovered illegal entry. He was taken to quarantine according to regulations, the matter is being further investigated and clarified.

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