Tien Giang: Stealing barges to sell scrap metal

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Young men named Nguyen Huu Trung, 21 years old, and Truong Thanh Loi, 31 years old, stole the barge, then drove more than 200 km to Kien Giang, selling it to a scrap yard for money.

Trung and Loi, from the same hometown of Kien Giang, were detained by Cho Gao District Police for 4 months to investigate property theft.

A business household in Xuan Dong commune reported to the authorities about the loss of a barge, worth 1.2 billion VND.

Investigating the case, the police discovered that Trung and Loi sold the barge to a scrap yard in Hon Dat town, Kien Luong, Kien Giang.

Phu Quoc detective – Taking advantage of the dark night, these two people stole the barge.

Three months ago, they also stole a wooden boat carrying 17 tons of rice, worth 300 million VND, from a rice milling facility in Kien Giang.

Police recovered evidence and expanded the investigation of the case. Private detective in Saigon: https://vndetective.com