Create a hotgirl FB account for scams

Information from police authorities in Thach Ha Ha Tinh district, Vietnam.

This agency has just issued a detention order for Nguyen Van Hieu for the crime of “fraudulent appropriation of property”, and at the same time prosecuted the case.

The police received a report from Mr. C that a FB account “Nguyen Thi Uyen” had fraudulently appropriated an amount of VND 5.6 million and a mobile phone.

Thach Ha district police arrested Nguyen Van Hieu – who set up and used the Facebook account “Nguyen Thi Uyen” to commit fraud.

Hieu also deceived Mr. P.T.G. more than 58 million dong with similar tricks.

Nguyen Van Hieu has admitted fraud, the case continues to be investigated and clarified – Detective service in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam