Attacking a neighbor’s house with a gun

Information from authorities in Vietnam – A man named Nguyen Ba Trong, 48, used a homemade gun and shot through a neighbor’s door and shot one person.

According to initial investigation, the shooting at 9pm on August 8, 2022 aimed at Mr. Phuc’s house, causing a hole in the window.

Detective Hanoi, Mr. Phuc’s family called his cousin Tuan Anh, 28 years old, to come to support, when this person had just arrived, Trong was shot in the stomach.

Trong, there is a conflict with Mr. Phuc regarding business. Many times, Trong tried to cause trouble, private detective agency.

Trong was arrested on the evening of 8/8, 4 of Trong’s juniors were detained.

The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified, private detective in Vietnam