Blackmail with sensitive photos and videos

Information from the Bac Giang provincial police, this agency is holding criminal Giap Van Nhat to investigate the act of appropriating property.

Investigating the case, Nhat used a FB account named “Huy Nguyen”.

Nhat made friends, became acquainted with Ms. N.T.N, the two developed love after that.

Hanoi detective – Nhat has taken and saved many sensitive images of Ms.N

By the end of August, due to lack of money to spend, Nhat used those images to blackmail Ms.

Nhat asked her to transfer 2 million dong, otherwise she would put sensitive pictures on the internet.

The victim transferred the suspect an amount of 1.5 million VND.

Police have seized a suspect’s cell phone for investigation purposes.

The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified, private detective service in Hanoi Vietnam.