Arrest the man suspected of rape in Hai Duong

Information from authorities in Hai Duong, Vietnam – a 32-year-old man named Vu Van Duong was arrested.

This person is accused of restraining a female flight attendant under the age of 16 to have sex but failed.

Binh Giang district police said they had prosecuted and arrested Vu Van Duong, 32, for rape.

According to the allegation, on the night of August 31, Duong and a group of friends sang in VIP room 2 of Hai Nam karaoke bar in Binh Giang district, Hai Duong province, Vietnam.

At 0:30, everyone left, only Duong and a 16-year-old female employee remained.

Duong used force to control the girl with the intention of having sex.

The female employee resisted fiercely and then ran away.

The girl then went with the owner to the Binh Giang District Police to report the incident.

The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified, Vietnamese private detective