Arresting smuggled police officers in HCMC

Information from the authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – The male police officer named Hoang Duy Tien and many others, imported a particularly large quantity of goods and machinery against the regulations.

The police have concluded the investigation and proposed to prosecute the accused Hoang Duy Tien (former police officer) and 25 accomplices for the crime of “Smuggling”.

According to the investigation conclusion, Tien is a police force for anti-smuggling.

Connecting with a group of goods owners specializing in trading in old machinery and equipment, directing and hiring employees to set up a company, fake import documents.

Tien also connects with inspection companies to import especially large quantities of goods and machinery contrary to regulations from abroad to Vietnam.

Vietnam Detective – Tien has used the legal status of 45 companies.

Opened 1,146 sets of customs declarations, smuggled back to Vietnam 1,280 containers of goods, worth 211.4 billion VND.

Hoang Duy Tien is the leader and mastermind in this case.

During the investigation, the authorities also clarified many people involved in Ho Chi Minh City.

Detective service company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam