Arrest the secretary of newspaper in Phu Tho

Information from the police agency of Phu Tho province, Vietnam. This agency is holding Mr. Phung Thanh Binh.

He is currently the secretary of a press agency based in Hanoi, to investigate, clarify and handle according to regulations in Vietnam.

Phu Tho Provincial Police received a denunciation from Phu Tho College of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Hanoi detective – The school is located in Gia Cam ward, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province, Vietnam.

The case of Phung Thanh Binh requested this school, give him 200 million dong to remove the related post on the fanpage “Investigative Journalism”.

The police conducted verification and clarified the case immediately.

The security agency investigated and discovered that Phung Thanh Binh was receiving an amount of VND 200 million from Mr. Hoang Manh L. (an officer of the Phu Tho College of Medicine and Pharmacy).

The money delivery and receipt case was carried out in Cau Giay district, Hanoi, so the police made a record to arrest the offender in the act.

The police issued a decision to temporarily hold Mr. Phung Thanh Binh for investigation and clarification for handling according to regulations in Vietnam.

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