Young people shoot and kill langurs in Quang Ngai

Information from the authorities said that on March 21, 2021, the young man named Thay was temporarily detained by the police of Ba To Quang Ngai district, Vietnam to investigate violations of the protection regulations. wild animals.

On March 16, a young man had just shot and killed the gray-shanked douc langur in the vicinity of Ba Kham and Ba Trang communes, when he was discovered by the Forest Ranger and Protection Forest Manager of the East Area. Reported to the police later, Thay told that he bought a regime gun online to go to the jungle to hunt animals.

Gray-shanked douc langur, scientific name is Pygathrix cinerea, is endemic to Vietnam and lives in Truong Son forest in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Kon Tum and Gia Lai provinces.

The police are continuing to investigate and clarify the case, web detective in Ho Chi Minh City

Arrest the wanted young man in Bac Ninh

According to information from the authorities in Bac Ninh Vietnam – on March 18, 2021, the leader of Yen Phong district police said that he had handed over the bar named Duong to the police of Tien Du district to resume the investigation.

In July 2018, a group of people in the process of renovating a factory in Dai Dong Industrial Park, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh. Duong and 4 other people broke in and stole more than 2,600 m of electric cables worth more than 100 million VND, Duong escaped into Binh Duong, Ca Mau, Kien Giang. This person was issued a nationwide arrest warrant for Theft of property.

On March 10, 2021, Duong returned home to Tran Xa village, Yen Trung commune, Yen Phong district, Duong claimed that he knew he was wanted, but thought he had not been discovered, so on March 12, he went to work as a citizen identification with a chip in the district. Yen Phong and arrested.

Police agencies continue to investigate the case – Vietnamese detective:

Female masseuse showered with guests

According to information from the authorities, the police of Dong Nai Vietnam – this agency said it was working with the owner of the Binh Binh An massage facility on Bui Van Hoa Street, Quarter 3, Long Binh Tan Ward, City Bien Hoa to make a record to handle the behavior of a naked hostess, arousing guests.

Ho Chi Minh City Private Detective – At about 9:30 p.m. on March 16, 2021, according to the previous plan, the Team Against Social Evils and Human Trafficking, Dong Nai Police Department, cooperated with the police of Long Binh ward. Tan suddenly stormed the Binh An massage facility. Functional forces discovered 2 female employees in a nude state, having sex for guests in 2 different rooms.

The grassroots staff claimed there were 3 ticket levels 200, 300 and 500 thousand VND, the ticket price was 300 and 500 thousand VND, the guests would be shared and sexually stimulated by nude female staff. The functional forces carried out the staff to the police headquarters to serve the investigation.

Authorities continue to investigate and clarify violations – Detective in Ho Chi Minh City –

Arrest HCMC finance department chief inspector

Information from Ho Chi Minh City authorities – on March 4, 2021, Le Thi Thanh Tuyen, who is the Chief Inspector of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Finance, was investigated by the Ho Chi Minh City Police for his behavior the management and use of state property causes loss and waste according to Article 219 of the Criminal Code.

In this same case, Phan Van Duyet – Deputy Director of Dong Phuong Import Export Trade Construction One Member Company Limited; Phan Van Binh Tam is the director of Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. of Tam Phu Tai arrested for the same offense.

Ho Chi Minh City detective service – Nguyen Thi Loan, former head of the Education and Training Department of Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City, was prosecuted but was released on bail.

Ho Chi Minh City police clarified the criminal signs in Dong Phuong Company undertaking to repair 4 kindergartens and 3 primary schools in Cu Chi district, in 2016. Tuyen is the Head of Finance – Planning Department of the district, fees for these 7 packages are provided by the Department of Education and Training of Cu Chi district.

Approved and signed contracts with 7 schools, directly directing construction activities, acceptance and settlement. Approving and raising the volume of works to make final settlement, withdraw the State budget for sharing money to spend.

The behavior of this group of people is said to cause more than 17 billion VND in damage to the budget.

The incident is continuing to be clarified by the investigating authorities, detective in HCM Vietnam –

The former teacher was sentenced to prison for obscenity

According to the authorities in Tay Ninh Vietnam – on March 2, 2021, a man named Nhut was sentenced to 4 years in prison by the court of Duong Minh Chau district, Tay Ninh, Vietnam. currently engaging in other sexual acts with a person from full 14 years old to under 16 years old; 3 years in prison for impeachment against people under 16 years old. He has committed a crime before.

Detective in HCMC – The court forced Nhut to compensate 3 male students 10 million VND each, a student’s family did not claim. In June 2019, Nguyen Hoang Nhut visited the website for gay men and saw his student. Using the reason he talked privately, Nhut stayed behind to clean the school lab, to approach this student.

The student is cleaning the classroom, Nhut asks the students to pull the zipper of his pants, and at the same time performs an act of oral sex, Nhut calls the pupil to the house to have sex.

Nhut also committed obscene acts to 3 other male students – detective in Ho Chi Minh city

Fake police cheat 5 billion VND in Ho Chi Minh city

Information from the authorities said that on February 26, 2021, information from the Ho Chi Minh City Police Investigation Police said that the police received the news and were investigating the fraud appropriation case. property related to the subjects impersonating the police.

Detective in Ho Chi Minh city – The case was discovered in 2020 and unknown subjects committed criminal acts by fake police officers calling to cheat, appropriating large amounts of money of citizen.

These subjects claim to be police and call to notify Ms. N.T.C. that the person’s bank account is linked to the money laundering crime line, is a very serious case.

This group pressure, asking Ms. C. to transfer the amount of 5 billion VND to the account number 104000677573 opened at the Vietnam Public Joint Stock Commercial Bank, named Dang Thi Ai Nhi 22 years old from Dak Lak, temporarily residing in Go Vap district. appropriated this money.

The police agency determined that Dang Thi Ai Nhi was not present in the locality, the police agency is continuing to investigate to clarify this serious case – detective service in Ho Chi Minh City

Destroyed 2 lines to bring people across the border

According to information from the authorities in Nghe An Vietnam – On February 25, 2021, information from the Border Guards of Nghe An province, this unit just destroyed two organizational lines for others to flee the country. In addition to illegally during the Covid-19 epidemic season, the organizers of crossing the border collected 5-7 million VND each.

At around 1:45 a.m. on February 21, the competent force discovered and arrested Xieng Phom My when he was sending 9 Vietnamese citizens illegally from Vietnam to Laos.

The amount of functions continued to detect 4 suspects that had illegal exits to Laos. Patrol team quickly arrested 3 subjects, and 1 subject escaped.

The person who fled was Nguyen Thai Duong, born in 1993, residing in Dien Tan commune, Dien Chau district, Nghe An, Vietnam, and Duong then confessed.

Authorities continue to investigate and clarify the case – Detective website in Ho Chi Minh City

Arrest group of people bringing drugs into Ho Chi Minh City

According to the authorities, Ho Chi Minh City police arrested a young man named Le Tai Linh, 25 years old, who was arrested with tens of kilograms of stone and ecstasy, a total 217 kg of drug.

Ho Chi Minh detective – According to previous plans, on the evening of January 30, 2021, a force of dozens of officers and soldiers surrounded the house on Cao Thang Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City to arrest keep Linh and seize 22 kg of synthetic drugs.

On the morning of January 31, 2021, Le Hoang Thanh Danh, 29 years old, drove a motorcycle carrying 2 sacks to the warehouse in Dong Thanh commune, Hoc Mon district, HCM City, then was stopped by reconnaissance. Danh pushed two sacks down the road to run, but was controlled immediately and confiscated many drugs.

On 2/2/2021, scouts followed Nguyen Ly Quyen and Phan Truong Thanh Binh, 21 years old, when they brought a very large suitcase out of the hostel in District 12, HCM City. The police suddenly rounded up the two, seizing 14 heroin cakes.

The case continues to be investigated for clarification, detective services in Ho Chi Minh city

Investigate group of young thugs in HCMC

According to information from the authorities, on the afternoon of February 23, 2021, the police agency of Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City informed that this unit was filing and investigating the case of 3 men. holding a homemade knife cut a car’s lights to happen in the area.

The group of people appeared in a 40-minute clip that recorded the scene of 3 mobile phone users recording the traffic police on a night duty on February 21, 2021. Accordingly, 3 people had a conflict with another group of young people. At about 23h30 on the same day, Mr. Dinh Quang V. 50 years old, living in Binh Tan district, HCMC drives a car with the number plate of Ho Chi Minh City carrying Phan C. 42 years old and Le Chi T. 38 years old circulating across the country. Highway 1, from An Suong intersection to An Lac roundabout, Ho Chi Minh City private detective.

When they reached the intersection of Highway 1 – Road No. 18, the group discovered that the patrol team of the Phu Lam Traffic Police Team under the Traffic Police Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Station was on duty. Mr. V. put the car in the parking lot on the 18 street nearby to send it, while C. and T. walked to the traffic police working group on duty to film. A group of unidentified people threatened Mr. V’s group and used a homemade knife to cut the car’s lights, causing economic loss of about VND 5 million.

Detective services in Ho Chi Minh city – The case is being investigated and clarified by the police.

Prosecution of young men in Hai Duong Vietnam

According to information from the police agency of Binh Giang district, Hai Duong province, Vietnam, the authorities have just issued a decision to prosecute the case and prosecute the accused against 32-year-old Vu Van Tap on the crime of “Against public service executor”, according to article 330 of the Penal Code in Vietnam.

Detective HCM city – At noon on February 17, 2021, at the scene, the working group at the Covid-19 checkpoint in Binh An village, Tan Viet commune, Binh Giang district discovered Vu Van Tap drove his motorbike through Covid19 epidemic control point, this person does not obey the stop order to enter the medical report. Tan Viet commune police officer, a member of the epidemic control post, chased the motorbike at the request of Xi to go back to take his temperature measurement and make medical reports according to Covid19’s regulations on epidemic prevention.

When Tap returned to give a medical report, he suddenly punched an official at the quarantine station, the deputy head of the Tan Viet Commune Police. The force on duty at Binh An village, Hai Duong Vietnam, has controlled the practice of assigning the Commune Police, and at the same time report to the District Police and the Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic prevention in Binh Giang district. Hai Duong.

Currently the case is being further investigated and clarified – private detective in Ho Chi Minh city: