Police arrest chicken betting in Binh Chanh

Information from the investigation agency of the Ho Chi Minh City police – The police surrounded the betting place with cockfighting in Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

At the scene, the police arrested dozens of people who were betting with cockfighting.

Ho Chi Minh City police temporarily detained 32 people for gambling and gambling activities.

According to the plan, the police caught groups of people shouting and fighting for money.

The crowd fled when the police arrived, but all were held back.

The functional force seized the amount of 120 million dong, many cocks… and related evidences.

According to the investigative agency, the chicken school has just been organized by two men for about half a month, in order to collect money from participants.

The investigating agency is tracing and verifying the role of the organizers of this incident.

Ho Chi Minh City police are opening a peak attack and crime suppression at the end of the year

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Arresting a betting line of VND 1,500 billion in Hue

Information from authorities in Hue city, Vietnam, private detectives. A man named Vuong Hung Thien, 52 years old, Hue city organized a football betting line.

Hue detective – Betting line with transactions up to 1,500 billion dong during the football world cup.

Vietnam Private Detective – Police arrested Thien and Thong, Hung and Sy on charges of gambling and organizing gambling.

During the 2022 World Cup, Thien operated and managed an account at the highest level in the online betting system with 4.8 million points;

After that, he divided it among Thong, Hung and Sy to continue working.

This group continues to split into many lower level accounts and re-issues to players.

The police have seized more than 1,000 pages of documents and many other exhibits to serve the investigation.

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Teenage boy attacked by dozens of people

Investigative information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Controversy, the 17-year-old teenager asked his friend to bring a weapon to meet his opponent, but was cut down by the crowd.

More than 30 people involved in the incident were detained by the District 12 Police, Ho Chi Minh City for investigation on December 15, 2022.

According to the investigation, Minh and Phuc had a conflict with each other, both sides challenged each other to resolve the conflict.

Minh and a group of 11 friends brought a weapon to District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and met Phuc and more than 20 other people.

Private detective in Ho Chi Minh City – The two sides burst into a fight.

Minh was taken by a friend on a motorbike to run away and fell. The group of opponents chased and slashed continuously, Minh was seriously injured.

Police arrived shortly after, dispersing the crowd and investigating the incident.

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Preventing two groups of melee in An Giang

Information from authorities in An Giang, Vietnam, detectives agency in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

The case of 15 teenagers carrying weapons such as knives, machetes, petrol bombs…

The group then went to the rendezvous point to settle the dispute, and was arrested by the police.

Long Xuyen police received news that there were two groups of teenagers, dating to fight, so they mobilized forces to stop.

In My Tho, My Quy ward, the task force discovered dozens of people with suspicious expressions and should be checked.

Police arrested 15 people (11 minors), seized 21 homemade weapons, 7 petrol bombs…

The investigative agency said that this group claimed to have a conflict with the group in Phu Hoa town, so they met in Long Xuyen.

The police are investigating and clarifying the behavior of the people involved, the case continues to be investigated and clarified.

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Caught two people stealing apricot flowers

According to information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh detective agency.

Police of Binh Hung Hoa B ward, Binh Tan district, HCMC investigate Nguyen Van Quy and Tran Ngoc Phu, to investigate property theft.

According to the investigation, these are two suspects who rode a tricycle to steal apricot trees in Binh Hung Hoa B ward, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City.

Both confessed their behavior, discussed together, they stole apricot trees to display for Tet.

On December 6, 2022, Quy and Phu brought together pliers to cut, remove and hug the apricot tree to escape.

The incident was recorded by security cameras.

The police identified Quy and Phu as suspects, so they arrested them.

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Overseas Vietnamese blackmail lovers

Information from the police agency of Dong Nai province, Vietnam.

Police have detained criminal Le Thanh Tuan (47 years old, German nationality), to investigate the act of appropriating property.

According to the investigation, Tuan and N.T.U. have been in a romantic relationship since 2016.

During Tuan’s stay in Germany, the two kept in touch, Vietnam detective.

Tuan asked Ms. U. to take a “sensitive photo” and send it to him, then he saved it in his phone.

By 2020, the two broke up, private detective service in Vietnam.

From October 2021 to December 5, 2022, Tuan repeatedly threatened and forced Ms. U. to give 900 million VND.

Tuan said that this money he gave to his previous lover.

Tuan reduced it to 600 million VND, forcing Ms. U. to give 200 million VND in advance.

On the afternoon of December 5, 2022, when Tuan was receiving 200 million VND, he was caught by the public.

The case is being clarified, private detective Vietnam.

School accountant embezzled 1.4 billion VND

Le Vo Hoang Yen is a school accountant, embezzled money up to 1.4 billion VND.

The police are expanding and investigating the individuals involved in this serious case, Ho Chi Minh detective.

The police of Ben Tre province prosecuted the accused and banned Le Vo Hoang Yen from leaving his residence.

This person is a former accountant at An Binh Tay Secondary School, Ba Tri, Ben Tre, this person is accused of embezzlement of property.

Initial investigation, from 2017 to 2020, taking advantage of her position as an accountant, Yen appropriated an amount of about 1.4 billion VND.

Yen’s behavior was later discovered and denounced by An Binh Tay Secondary School.

The police are expanding the investigation of the case, private detective service company newsletter in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Illegally bringing 200,000 USD to Cambodia

Information from authorities in Dong Thap, Vietnam, Vietnam detective agency.

The man named Phan Ngoc Tien, 44 years old, this person brought the amount of 200,000 USD with the purpose of bringing to Cambodia.

He goes through Dinh Ba International Border Gate, then will hand over this money to people in Cambodia.

Tien was prosecuted by the Tan Hong District Police for illegally transporting money across the border.

According to the investigative agency, Tien brought this foreign currency to Cambodia by motorbike to give it to a person named Map.

When he arrived at the Dinh Ba International Border Gate Interagency Control Station.

He escaped through the checkpoint, without going through exit procedures in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Tien was detained by border guards and customs here.

Immediately after, the authorities checked the trunk of the motorbike and discovered 20 piles of 100 USD denominations.

He was made an administrative sanction record, the case file was transferred to the police for investigation.

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Robber controls cashier at supermarket in HCMC

Information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – A young man named Phan Truong Giang, 29 years old, was arrested.

This person pretended to be a customer entering the supermarket, then he pulled out scissors and threatened the female cashier.

Ho Chi Minh detective agency – He opened a locker to steal money and fled the scene shortly after.

This person was detained by the Hoc Mon District Police, Ho Chi Minh City, for robbery, Vietnam detective.

According to police investigation, two days ago, Giang pretended to be a customer at a supermarket on Song Hanh Street, Ho Chi Minh City.

He waited in the absence of customers, pulled scissors to threaten the cashier girl, took about 6 million dong, and then fled the scene.

After a day of searching and investigating, scouts caught Giang hiding in Ba Ria – Vung Tau city, the private detective agency in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

2 people arrested for organizing border crossing

Information from authorities in An Giang, Vietnam, Vietnam private detective services.

A woman named Tran Thi Don and her husband were arrested for illegally bringing people from Cambodia to Vietnam to receive wages.

On November 13, Don was arrested and detained by the Security Investigation Agency of An Giang Province, Vietnam for the act of illegally allowing others to exit or enter the country.

This person’s husband is At, 47 years old, who was also arrested for the same act more than two months ago.

According to the investigation, At accepted Tai’s proposal to live in Cambodia.

At will bring people from Cambodia to Vietnam by river to travel.

At used a motorboat to pick up three people who entered illegally, Vietnam detective service.

Then he took his motorbike to his house for them to travel and go to the temple.

At and Toan took this group of tourists to the wharf to return to Cambodia when they were discovered by the police.

After the investigation period, Clean and At admitted violations, private detectives in Vietnam.