Throwing gas bombs from my ex-husband’s house in Tien Giang

According to information from the investigation agency in Tien Giang Vietnam – on March 25, Diem was prosecuted by the police of My Tho city for the act of Destroying property, after two months of escaping from the scene. This person has violated the law before.

Private detective in Vietnam – According to the investigation of the authorities, in early January, Diem took a hammer to his ex-husband’s house in My Tho City, smashed windows, threw a glass bottle full of gasoline inside, lit a fire. The people in the area discovered to chant, put out the fire, prevent this woman’s violations.

Diem is a suspect, being subjected to a preventive measure against leaving the residence, this person flees the locality. Diem was arrested when he returned to his mother’s house in Phu Thanh commune, Tan Phu Dong district, and the police agency continued to investigate and clarify this serious case.

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