The suspect broke the leg of the criminal police

Information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – On May 5, 2022, a man named Tan, 36 years old, was arrested by the Criminal Police Department under a wanted warrant.

Tan was riding a motorbike on the road when he was discovered by Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Truong and Captain Nguyen Viet Dung.

The police approached Tan, Tan rode a motorbike to press on top of Lieutenant Colonel Truong, then ran away. Mr. Truong broke his leg but still controlled and arrested Tan.

Tan exhorted a group of young people to rescue him, grabbed his handcuffs and ran away, dragging Truong.

Captain Dung opened fire to suppress the crowd.

Tan incited the crowd to steal guns and throw stones at the police.

The police force of Tan Thoi Nhi commune was then present to assist in solving the case.

Detective service company in HCMC