Temporarily detaining fraudulent bank staff in Quang Binh

According to information from the police department of Quang Binh Vietnam, the police investigation agency in Quang Binh has just issued a criminal detention decision for the object Duong Minh Phu born in 1988, residing in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, to conduct an investigation into fraud or appropriation of property previously committed by this person.

Duong Minh Phu is a bank employee of Bo Trach Transaction Office, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam branch of Quang Binh province. This person was accused by many people to cheat tens of billions of dong and then fled the locality – private detective.

After receiving the denunciation of many victims in the area of ​​Bo Trach district, Quang Binh, Vietnam – the Police Department investigating the crime of corruption, economics, and smuggling, Quang Binh Provincial Police urgently investigated and verified. Initially, the police agency made clear that Duong Minh Phu deceived many people, appropriating about 15 billion VND.

Phu Khai took advantage of the people’s confidence in the procedures to help people borrow money from the bank, Phu tricked many people into signing false documents such as payment orders, cash withdrawal papers and some documents with other related. After that, Phu raised the amount of money, then transferred to the customer the loan amount, the rest Phu appropriated, each person from 1 billion to 2.6 billion…

The police are continuing to investigate to clarify the behavior of this person – the website of the detective company in Vietnam: https://vndetective.com

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