Preventing two groups of melee in An Giang

Information from authorities in An Giang, Vietnam, detectives agency in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

The case of 15 teenagers carrying weapons such as knives, machetes, petrol bombs…

The group then went to the rendezvous point to settle the dispute, and was arrested by the police.

Long Xuyen police received news that there were two groups of teenagers, dating to fight, so they mobilized forces to stop.

In My Tho, My Quy ward, the task force discovered dozens of people with suspicious expressions and should be checked.

Police arrested 15 people (11 minors), seized 21 homemade weapons, 7 petrol bombs…

The investigative agency said that this group claimed to have a conflict with the group in Phu Hoa town, so they met in Long Xuyen.

The police are investigating and clarifying the behavior of the people involved, the case continues to be investigated and clarified.

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