Police arrest chicken betting in Binh Chanh

Information from the investigation agency of the Ho Chi Minh City police – The police surrounded the betting place with cockfighting in Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

At the scene, the police arrested dozens of people who were betting with cockfighting.

Ho Chi Minh City police temporarily detained 32 people for gambling and gambling activities.

According to the plan, the police caught groups of people shouting and fighting for money.

The crowd fled when the police arrived, but all were held back.

The functional force seized the amount of 120 million dong, many cocks… and related evidences.

According to the investigative agency, the chicken school has just been organized by two men for about half a month, in order to collect money from participants.

The investigating agency is tracing and verifying the role of the organizers of this incident.

Ho Chi Minh City police are opening a peak attack and crime suppression at the end of the year

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