Illegally bringing 200,000 USD to Cambodia

Information from authorities in Dong Thap, Vietnam, Vietnam detective agency.

The man named Phan Ngoc Tien, 44 years old, this person brought the amount of 200,000 USD with the purpose of bringing to Cambodia.

He goes through Dinh Ba International Border Gate, then will hand over this money to people in Cambodia.

Tien was prosecuted by the Tan Hong District Police for illegally transporting money across the border.

According to the investigative agency, Tien brought this foreign currency to Cambodia by motorbike to give it to a person named Map.

When he arrived at the Dinh Ba International Border Gate Interagency Control Station.

He escaped through the checkpoint, without going through exit procedures in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Tien was detained by border guards and customs here.

Immediately after, the authorities checked the trunk of the motorbike and discovered 20 piles of 100 USD denominations.

He was made an administrative sanction record, the case file was transferred to the police for investigation.

The case is further investigated and clarified, private detective in Vietnam,