Exploding mines because of anger at his wife

Information from Thanh Hoa police said that this agency has temporarily detained Tu, 38 years old, in An Hung ward, Thanh Hoa city, Vietnam.

This person was detained for investigation of illegal use of explosives.

At 19:40 on February 12, 2023, people heard a loud explosion in the area of the Si River Bridge.

This is a bridge about 6m long connecting the two streets of Tay Son and Nam Son, An Hung ward, Thanh Hoa city.

According to the investigation, a man rode a motorbike to the middle of the bridge and took out a mine-like object from his pocket and lit it on fire.

After the man left, there was an explosion, Vietnam detective service.

The explosion damaged the bridge deck, cracked the walls of some houses and caused high-voltage light bulbs to burst.

Investigating the case, Tu brought a pack of explosives to the Si River bridge, detonated it to “release the psychology” of anger at his wife.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified, private detective in Vietnam.