Driver sentenced to 24 months in prison in Quang Ninh

Luong Thanh Tung, 36 years old, who lives in Bac Son commune, was sentenced to 24 months in prison by the People’s Court of Mong Cai city, Vietnam for the crime of “resisting public officials” on September 16, 2021.

The incident happened at 15:00 on August 16, 2021, Captain Nguyen Duc Hieu and Lieutenant Vu Xuan Thang, the traffic police team of Mong Cai City Police, drove a special motorcycle to patrol and control the center. city.

When the patrol team approached the gate of the ASEAN market in zone 4, Hai Hoa ward, and discovered that the car had stopped at a place with a sign prohibiting stopping or parking, two policemen came to check and asked the driver to present documents.

Tung did not comply with the request, Captain Hieu took the cable to lock the car, Tung turned the car around and crashed into Lieutenant Thang, who fell.

Tung then drove away from the scene, he was investigated and arrested afterwards.

Tung admitted his behavior at the trial.

Detective service in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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