Catch a thief specializing in state agencies

Information from the police agency of Ninh Binh city, Vietnam said. This agency has just arrested Nong Sy Vui for property theft.

The Department of Education and Training of Ninh Binh province was broken into and stolen 25 million VND and surveillance camera eyes.

Investigation and investigation, Ninh Binh City Police have clarified that Nong Sy Vui is the perpetrator of the theft.

Happy driving car BKS 23C-06045 to Ninh Binh city, Vietnam.

He broke into the provincial Department of Education and Training and took away the amount of VND 25 million.

The investigative agency said that Vui was the culprit responsible for two property thefts in Thanh Hoa and Ha Nam provinces in the previous days.

Authorities are investigating to handle subjects according to the law in Vietnam – Private detective in Vietnam