Arresting a young man who caused a traffic accident

Information from the investigation agency in Dak Lak, Vietnam about a serious traffic accident.

Ho Chi Minh detective – A 22-year-old male motorcyclist collided with an electric bicycle driven by a girl.

The accident left the victim seriously injured, the young man fled the scene.

Police said, after 7 days of investigation, the investigating agency has tracked down the suspect who was driving a motorbike that hit a girl.

Subject was identified as Y Han Eban, 22 years old, living in Ea Kenh commune, Krong Pak district, Dak Lak, Vietnam.

Y Han Eban testified that after drinking alcohol, he drove his motorbike home at high speed.

He collided with an electric bicycle driven by the girl, then fled the scene.

T. fell on the road, the motorcyclist quickly ran away.

T. was taken to the emergency room with serious injuries.

Private detective service company in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam