Arresting a loan shark in Tay Ninh Vietnam

Information from the police in Tay Ninh, Vietnam – A man named Tra Van Bi drives his car around industrial zones in Tay Ninh to lend money at high interest rates.

Vietnamese private detective, the police checked this person, and discovered hundreds of high-interest loan documents.

Go Dau district police temporarily detained Tra Van Bi (39 years old) to investigate the act of lending heavy interest in civil transactions.

The incident happened around 8:45 a.m. on November 7, 2022. The Go Dau District Police and Phuoc Dong Police Station patrolled and discovered three young men with suspicious signs, so they checked.

Vietnam detective agency – Check on the car, there is information about hundreds of borrowers, 183 ATM cards of banks, 111 ID cards/CCCDs, 3 social insurance books…

At the investigating agency, Bi said that he was going to collect debts, the two people traveling together only knew each other.

Bi lends money with interest rates from 3% to 10%/month (about 36% to 120%/year).

Bi’s borrowers are mainly workers, just need to show salary ATM card, ID card/CCCD, social insurance book…

Bi has been operating a high-interest loan for 2 years now, earning hundreds of millions of dong.

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