Arrested three people who attacked police in Ha Tinh

Vu, Manh and Ky, residing in Ky Son commune, were prosecuted by the police of Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh, Vietnam for intentionally causing injury, according to article 134 of the penal code in Vietnam.

Vu drove his motorbike to the soccer field in Ky Thuong commune, Ky Anh district to play volleyball.

Vu did not wear a helmet and used a homemade exhaust pipe, causing insecurity and order. Vu was warned by Lieutenant Tran Minh Quan, a Ky Thuong commune police officer.

Vu Nac Po made a loud explosion, causing frustration to those around him. After that, he went home and invited Manh and Ky to go back to the volleyball court to find Lieutenant Quan.

Meeting Mr. Quan, this group attacked him, causing injuries.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified by private detective in Ho Chi Minh City