Arrested for loan sharking in Ha Dong Hanoi

Information from the investigative police agency of Ha Dong District Police, Hanoi, Vietnam.

This agency has criminally detained Nguyen Thi Kim Dung, in Chuong My, Hanoi, for the act of “lending heavy interest in civil transactions”.

According to the investigation, Ha Dong district police discovered an object specializing in loan sharking in the temporary market area of Bien Giang ward.

Borrowers are small businesses, poor workers in the area, Hanoi detective.

Dung lends money under the guise of being an airline ticket agent.

When participating, borrowers only receive 80% of the loan agreement amount. Payment in 40 days, interest rate equivalent to 182.5%/year.

On January 5, the police of Ha Dong district, Hanoi, took legal measures against Kim Dung.

Dung said that from August 2022 to now, he has lent an amount of about 2 billion VND, the case is continuing to be investigated and clarified.

Private detective in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam