Arrested 6 teenagers for attacking people’s house

According to information from the authorities in Trang Bom, Dong Nai province, Vietnam, Vietnamese detective service.

Phan The Anh, 18 years old and 5 friends brought petrol bombs and machetes to avenge conflicts with a 15-year-old teenager.

Trang Bom district police temporarily detained Anh and 5 teenagers aged 15-17 to investigate the act of intentionally damaging property.

The incident of throwing petrol bombs and destroying property was recorded by security cameras.

According to the investigation, Phan The Anh invited 5 friends to the 15-year-old boy’s house in the alley in Ho Nai 3 commune, Trang Bom district, to attack.

Arriving at Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh’s house, the group threw petrol bombs and destroyed property.

The police arrested Anh and his friends after a quick investigation.

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