Arrest young drug users in Karaoke bars

Information from Hai Phong City Police Department, Vietnam, on behalf of the city police, Colonel Le Nguyen Truong, Deputy Director of Hai Phong City Police, commended officers and soldiers of the Crime Prevention Police Department for drug because he has made many excellent feats of destroying drug use gangs in Karaoke bars.

Ho Chi Minh detective – At 17:30 on March 31, 2021, in Phuong Chu Dong village, Truong Thanh commune, An Lao district, Hai Phong city, the drug-related crime police department coordinated with the authorities inspection function of Huong Cang Karaoke, discovered at 2 singing rooms with 22 people (11 men and 11 women) showing signs of organizing illegal use of drugs, collecting many related exhibits on the spot.

At the scene, the drug-related crime police detained two subjects, Hoang Duc Phuong, born in 1983 and Nguyen Van Hoang, born in 1993, in the same village of Phuong Chu Tay, Truong Thanh commune. An Lao district, Hai Phong, Vietnam.

The drug-related crime prevention police department ordered an urgent arrest for Bui Giang Quyen (1989) and Nguyen Tuan Quang (1987), also in Truong Thanh commune, An Lao district to further investigate. .

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