2 people arrested for organizing border crossing

Information from authorities in An Giang, Vietnam, Vietnam private detective services.

A woman named Tran Thi Don and her husband were arrested for illegally bringing people from Cambodia to Vietnam to receive wages.

On November 13, Don was arrested and detained by the Security Investigation Agency of An Giang Province, Vietnam for the act of illegally allowing others to exit or enter the country.

This person’s husband is At, 47 years old, who was also arrested for the same act more than two months ago.

According to the investigation, At accepted Tai’s proposal to live in Cambodia.

At will bring people from Cambodia to Vietnam by river to travel.

At used a motorboat to pick up three people who entered illegally, Vietnam detective service.

Then he took his motorbike to his house for them to travel and go to the temple.

At and Toan took this group of tourists to the wharf to return to Cambodia when they were discovered by the police.

After the investigation period, Clean and At admitted violations, private detectives in Vietnam.