The warehouse keeper embezzled assets worth billions

Tan took boxes of plastic moldings and sold them to many people, making an illegal profit of more than one billion VND, then appropriated this money.

Ho Chi Minh City Police investigated the case of asset embezzlement that occurred at Viet Century Company Limited by Nguyen Thanh Tan.

Ho Chi Minh detective, According to the investigation, Tan is the warehouse keeper of Viet Century Company Limited.

In 2023, Tan repeatedly took boxes of plastic moldings, the type used for interior decoration, from the company and sold them to many people.

Tan uses Zalo “Little Boy” and “Dark Shadow” to exchange and transact with people who buy plastic moldings.

The police investigation agency of District 12, Ho Chi Minh city has prosecuted Nguyen Thanh Tan for property embezzlement. The case was then transferred to Ho Chi Minh city police for investigation.

The Ho Chi Minh city police investigation police department continues to investigate the case. Ho Chi Minh private detective agecy