Prosecuting the case of cutting down trees

After a period of investigation, rangers Kong Chro, Gia Lai have decided to prosecute the case of felling trees.

The case was transferred to the district police for further investigation and clarification.

Authorities have just issued a decision to prosecute the case of deforestation in sub-zone 792.

During patrolling, functional forces discovered deforestation at Lot 7, Lot 7 and Lot 1, Lot 10, Sub-zone 792, Sró Commune.

There are about 149 wooden trees such as spokes of the car, the mausoleum, etc., cut down right in the forest.

Total volume of logs cut down is more than 30m3.

The trunk was removed from the scene, leaving only the wood cover, branches and sawdust.

Currently, the authorities have initially identified the violators as local people.

The case is being further investigated to clarify this serious incident.

Private detective service in Ho Chi Minh City