Arrest the director of an insurance company

Nguyen Xuan Quan was arrested and detained by the Ninh Kieu District Police, Vietnam for the act of embezzlement of property. The investigating agency said that this person took advantage of his assigned position and authority to open a company account at a bank in Can Tho. Then record the value-added invoice of the difference

Group of people fighting in front of police

Do Hoang Lam, Ha Vinh Phat and 2 friends went to a pub in Nhieu Loc C apartment building in Tan Quy ward, Ho Chi Minh City to eat and drink. The staff gave the menu to this group of people to choose, but the customer group asked “the owner must come to this table”.

Arresting two Laotian drug traffickers

Information from the authorities in Quang Binh, Vietnam said: about 6:30 on 11/21/2021, in the shallow stream area of Dan Hoa commune, Minh Hoa. Authorities discovered two people suspected of transporting drugs. After examining the two, the authorities found in their backpacks several well-wrapped rectangular packages containing synthetic drugs labeled WY. For quick investigation, two

Arrest the person who stole money at the temple

Information from Binh Giang district police agency, Hai Duong district, this agency is holding a young man named Truong to investigate the theft of property that this person is said to have done before. Ho Chi Minh City Detective – This person was allowed to steal merit money at 0:00 on November 18 in Binh

Print fake money to sell to gamblers

Information from the authorities in Binh Duong, on November 21, 2021, a young man named Tinh was detained by the police for the act of producing and selling counterfeit money. After a period of monitoring and investigation, the police caught Tinh in the act carrying fake money to sell to customers. Searching, police seized 100

Stealing information to defraud businesses’ money

A Nigerian man named Emmanuel and his lover Nguyen Thi Hanh, living in Dong Nai and 3 accomplices were arrested by the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Police for fraudulent appropriation of property. Emmanuel suggested that Hanh find someone to set up businesses in his name and open a bank account for him to transfer

Arrest the person who stole wood in the forest

Y Long Nie, Y Tuen Nie, and Y Khuyen Hra were issued a decision to prosecute by the police of Buon Don district, Dak Lak, Vietnam for violations of the law. The rangers discovered that a group of people were putting 5 wooden blocks on 3 elephants to transport them out of the forest. This

Temporary arrest of 2 people who raped a girl

Vinh Phuc province police received information from Mrs. T that her daughter, T.T.D’s granddaughter (born in 2009), had left home. On November 15, Mrs. T’s family found her grandson D. working as a waiter at Mr. Nguyen Van S’s karaoke bar. Ms. T. discovered that her daughter showed signs of being forced to have sex

Group of robbers arrested in Ho Chi Minh City

Police of Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City issued a decision to temporarily hold Le Minh Thuan (25 years old, living in Binh Chanh district, HCMC) and 3 others to investigate the act of robbery. On October 29, Mr. D.H.N. Thai Binh hometown is driving a motorbike on Kenh 9, Hamlet 2, Tan Nhut

Sentenced to prison for crashing a motorbike into police

The man named Chau was sentenced to one year in prison by the court of Phan Thiet city for resisting people on duty under Article 330 of the Vietnam Penal Code. According to the indictment of the authorities, on the afternoon of September 27, 2021, after drinking in Ham Thuan Bac district, Chau ran to