Thai Nguyen: An employee stole a package of 90 iPhones

The public investigation police agency of Thai Nguyen city, Vietnam prosecuted the defendant and detained a person named Tran Vu Tuan. Providing private detective services from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

The store owner ordered a box containing 90 iPhones. Ho Chi Minh detective agency, when he arrived at the shipping unit, someone pretended to take these goods.

The package includes 72 iPhone 12 ProMax, 17 iPhone 14 Pro and one iPhone 13, the total value of these phones is 1.1 billion VND.

24 hours after the incident, police investigators identified the iPhone thief as Tuan.

Ho Chi Minh detective agency, Tuan claimed to be a phone repairman for the owner of the above phone store.

Tuan went to the shipping company’s office, impersonated and read the boss’s phone number to receive the goods.

Tuan wore a long-sleeved shirt, a mask, a helmet and hired a motorbike taxi to pick up 90 phones.

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